About Us

The founder of TAYU, Chris Zou has been in the high-end silicone doll industry since 2017. He created TAYU in 2020 to bring innovation to the doll market. The whole design and concept of TAYU is based on doll lovers’ feedback. The goal is to provide solutions to difficulties that doll lovers are facing and to keep bringing new features that doll enthusiasts will love.

We consider ourselves as an innovative and high-tech silicone doll maker and we made significant breakthroughs in 2021. We managed to make dolls 30% lighter in comparison to dolls within the same height range that are also very soft. Our artificial companions are built based on marketing studies of both eastern and western users.

Putting aside that all our silicone dolls have excellent anatomical placement, we also enlarged the entry of both love holes to bring our western customers a full satisfactory user experience and great sexual pleasures. We are also among the few to have textured anal canal and the love holes of TAYU Dolls won’t easily be torn. We designed and invented our stainless metal skeleton to eliminate different joint tightness or broken joints issues that many are suffering today. Not only are our silicone dolls light, soft and easy to handle, they also carry many built-in features such as realistic and resistant body painting and realistic finger joints. Their seamless neck design will make the photo shooting fun at all angles and at night they are sweet and obedient pussycats who will fulfill all your desires in bed.

In the end it is really not about us. It is all about what our customers want and how they want us to be. We will keep listening to your feedback and releasing new features to push the doll market forward with lighter, softer and more durable silicone companions.